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Starting with investing

Stocks and bonds are not your cup of tea, the stress one sees on the news about investments, prices moving up and down, bad nights of sleep.... when do you have to buy and when do you sell.....? You know you’re saving account is not the best option and you probably should be investing in the stock market, though if gives you a creepy, uncomfortable feeling. Besides that, you have no idea where to start and don’t want to spend too much time on it either. This is all perfectly understandable and very valid! I fully agree, if investing is not your thing, it shouldn´t consume much of your time and worrying about it is the very last thing you want.

Though maybe you would like to have a chat about this all and see if there might be an option where you don’t have to stress or invest time into it.... One of the things you might have heard about is a “basket of stocks” or “diversifying your investments”. Would you like to know more about this, just leave me a message with any question or we make an appointment (online) to have a short chat.


Course 1: Brief introduction

Brief introduction to investments and how to get started

This course is perfect if you directly want to start investing. With a very brief introduction we go directly to the practical part of how to open an account and buy your first share.

Course 2: The basics

The basics of investments

In this course you get a good foundation on investments. What investments are there, how do the different types of investments work and what is best for me.

Course 3: Investments in ESG

Investments in ESG

Sustainable investing is about making investment decisions based on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance factors. In this course we explain the concept of ESG and discuss some examples of ESG investments.

Course 4: Guidance

Guidance on your first investment/purchase

You have already taken some courses or read several books and you just want to be sure that you do the entire process of opening an account and purchasing your first investment correctly. Polart Investments can assist you in this process by online call or right now directly in Bogotá, Colombia.

Analyzing current portfolio

Have you already build up your portfolio with various investments in different products and maybe you already have an investment advisor? It might be refreshing to have an independent professional have a look at it.

Upload your portfolio in excel/ PDF and write your comments or specifics where you have any questions or want a specific opinion about. Besides short comments it is also possible to schedule a meeting to discuss/ explain.

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