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Keep your head cool, and we'll go through your finances, step by step.

Personal attention, managing your finances without worries.

Many people find it difficult to manage their savings and are concerned about this. Due to the lack of financial knowledge and fear, money is deposited on savings accounts with almost no interest and inflation devaluating its worth. Some hear money is easily made with crypto coins or real estate and start investing without having the knowledge or professional advice.

  • What is the wise thing to do, though more importantly, what suits you?

    Have you bought a property to rent out, but don't want to deal with finding new tenants and screening? Or do you want to do this yourself, but don't know where to start?

  • Feel free to contact me for these and other financial issues.

    My name is Arthur van den Pol, I have over 25 years of experience in the stock market and a master's degree in financial economics with a specialization in stock markets. In addition, I have had 2 apartments completely renovated and rented out. I would be delighted to get you started investing!

    Feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail without any obligations, I’m also reachable by whatsapp!

    Arthur van den Pol
    +31 6 4703 0104
    Arthur van den Pol


    "Arthur's course was a great learning experience, providing an excellent introduction to the subject for someone like me with limited background in the stock market. The content was well-organized and explained clearly, making complex concepts easy to grasp. The practical approach with real-life examples and case studies made the course engaging and relevant. Arthur's teaching style was approachable and friendly, and he was always available to address all my questions. The course serves as a solid foundation for understanding the stock market. I highly recommend Arthur's course to anyone looking to explore the fundamentals of the stock market."

    Luis C., Mechanical Engineer at ASML


    "Thank you, Arthur, for your detailed advice for the best management of my personal finances and helping me take the first leap to start in the world of investments 🙌🏼 I highlight Arthur's ability to explain in simple ways such complex topics as investment in the stock market, his patience and great ability to listen to my concerns regarding investments.

    I was surprised by his great understanding and knowledge of the market and the Colombian economy, which allows him to give highly tailored advice adjusted to the current economic situation. If you want to take charge of your finances, relationship with money and your financial freedom, do not hesitate to contact @polartinvestments. He is undoubtedly a great ally."

    Silvana A., Lawyer at Baker McKenzie, Colombia


    "Arthur’s financial course has been really helpful in two main aspects. First, regarding my personal finances, I was able to organize and optimize my expenses, in order to make my dream come true which was traveling and writing for a year without depending on my monthly income. With his help, I was able to be really mindful about what I was doing with my earnings. And second, with a lot of patience he introduced me to investing, a completely new world for me. Now, I already know some key concepts and already started to invest with the app he recommended. If you want to start learning about how to manage your finances and stop improvising, Polart Investments is the way to go!"

    Maria Juliana P., Writer at Urano



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